Don’t Blow This for the Rest of Us: How We Keep Hunting and Fishing During the Pandemic

The last week of March Raritan Bay really caught fire. This 70,000-acre piece of water, part of the New York bight, is flanked by North Jersey and Staten Island. The Manhattan skyline at the mouth of the Hudson River paints the bay’s northern backdrop. Every spring, Raritan gives cabin fever-racked salty anglers their first crack at big striped bass.

5 Best Places to Go Fishing Near Metro Atlanta

It’s easier than you think to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get back to nature. Cast in the shadows of Metro Atlanta’s skyscrapers, you’ll find a handful of spur of the moment fishing holes just outside the perimeter. Buy your fishing license and try out one of these places near you!Continue reading “5 Best Places to Go Fishing Near Metro Atlanta”