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Cabin Fever Fix: Pan-Fried Redfish for Dinner

After several weeks now of teleworking, cabin fever has set in.  Cooking is a great stress reliever for me and a fun way to spend time with my family. The cast iron skillet was calling and the beat of the red drum I recently caught was just what was needed to splash the grease.  Here are the simple steps to this tasty meal which fed our family of three dinner, plus an easy “fish dip” for the boat the next day.

We are cooking up a redfish caught in the northern Gulf of Mexico along Florida’s “Forgotten Coast”.  Redfish take on different names regionally such as channel bass, spot tails, or drum. We target and catch these tasty and strong fish all year long. The warmer months of March through October are our favorite time to fish with artificial baits including spoons, soft plastics and topwater plugs. 

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Here are the steps and pics of our most enjoyable preparation of dinner. Try these out on your next chance you have some fresh fish to cook:

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  1. Prepare fish filets by deboning and cutting to preferred serving size.
  2. Whisk eggs and add milk in bowl to wash (soak) fish filets for 10 min.
  3. Place seasonings and breadcrumbs in paper sack.
  4. Add extra virgin olive oil to cast iron skillet to cover bottom of pan, less than ¼” deep.
  5. Heat skillet to 350 degrees or until a “test” batter turns brown within 10 seconds.
  6. Take filets out of wash and insert into paper sack with breading mix. Shake.
  7. Fry filets in the hot oil for about three minutes on each side, until golden brown. Don’t crowd the pan to ensure they become crispy.

Bonus: Tarter Sauce…1/4 cup of mayo, fork full of relish, finish with paprika.

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